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© PulstateHe had his first record signed at the tender age of 13, which is a world record to this day. We last caught up with him two years ago and in the space of that time things have moved on considerably and the future is as bright as ever...

Pulstate (born 1992 in Ireland) is a multi-genre music producer, song writer composer and DJ currently living in Cork, Ireland. In year 2003 (at eleven years of age), his father introduced him to Garageband (a music production program by apple)and music production became one of Pulstates main occupations. In 2005, he started using Reason 3, which he still uses to this day. At aged 13, Pulstate (called DJ DeZ at that time) signed a small record deal which would enable him to release a track on iTunes. This is the youngest age a person from Ireland has ever released a dance track.


We last sat down with Pulstate in the middle of 2010 and thought it was time for a due catch up. His latest release shifts styles from his previous work and as he goes on to say in this latest interview is a demonstration of his ever evolving sound, with more to come.

i:Vibes: Desmond, thanks for taking some time to talk to iVibes again. How are you? What are you currently up to in Cork, Ireland as we speak?

Pulstate: Hi Miles, been too long! I'm currently in my second year of study to become a Biomedical Engineer, a backup plan in case music doesn't work out. Besides the academic, I'm training as a 100 and 200m sprinter five days a week, following strict diet etc. I'm also trying to fit in some studio time in the gaps, but it's really inconsistent right now.

i:Vibes: It has been a few years since you last spoke to i:Vibes. Back then you were 18 and now are 20. You are so young, but already a veteran in the EDM scene. Do you at times feel a lot older than your 20 years of age?

Pulstate: Veteran is a bit strong but I've had over ten releases already, so you can say I've got some experience already. Having said that, I'm not anywhere near satisfied with my standard in terms of production, and definitely not satisfied with the success of my last few releases. It's been really tough that way lately for me. I feel 20, no younger or older.

i:Vibes: You have a distinct record of being the youngest Irish lad to release a piece of music at age 13 and 104 days. Does this time feel like an eternity or do you still have that process of making that track in your mind now 7 years later?

Pulstate: It seems an absolute eternity since I wrote that track but I still remember every single step I took to produce every single element of the track, which is amazing. It was the first track I ever wrote that was the beginning of me believing I could do something more with music, not having it just as a hobby.

i:Vibes: I was just listening to Somnia again which you produced with Juventa. A brilliant piece of music. How did you guys break down the making of this track. What did Juventa give to the track and what did you give this track?

Pulstate: Somnia was a complex, extremely large project with numerous channels and instruments. We split the work 50/50, with me writing the melodies, and piano at the break, as well as sound effect elements and atmosphere. Juventa did the production of the drums and synths. It turned out fantastic.

i:Vibes: Juventa seems to have taken off. He had a track released on the German legendary compilation Technoclub. Is it hard sometimes to see a fellow producer with whom you have worked with take off the way he has? Both of you are very talented young talents.

Pulstate: I was full sure that Somnia would launch my career into the big time, especially with Armin Van Buuren supporting it, but it was infect Juventa who took off. I'm not a bitter guy, so all I can say is that I've been really impressed with how he's kept such a high standard of production and continued to push his very trademark, yet unique sound. It's been an interesting lesson to me.

i:Vibes: Somnia was more uplifting trance, but your sound now has changed become more progressive. What have been the main reasons for your shift in sound?

Pulstate: I've always preferred the progressive sound, I like the fact that it's slower and more open to interpretation than trance these days. I've also got a knack for creating progressive sounds rather than trance ones. Honestly, I'm now looking at dubstep music as the next port of call in terms of expanding my sound.

i:Vibes: How has your sound developed in the last years. What technique has helped you most in your producing skills in the last years?

Pulstate: It's matured track by track. I'm learning all the time, everyday, and my taste is changing. There is no single technique that helps you improve, but it's just down to practicing the creation of sounds, improving your mixing and mastering skills and getting tracks finished. Finished tracks mean progress usually.

i:Vibes: When I listen to tracks from 2009, it seems you had more melodies and piano bits in your tracks, but one could feel some of that progressive feel. Has progressive sounds been your passion from an early age?

Pulstate: I've always had a love for atmospheric, melodic sounds. They are very evocative and relaxing. Piano is my favourite instrument to use in music, because it's works in ANY genre, and to the ear, its beautiful.

i:Vibes: I love Fuaraya. Could you ever imagine giving this a 2012 kind of remix touch to it with your current sound?

Pulstate: Possibly! However, it's not something I'm thinking about right now. Fuaraya did extremely well, but it's never been one of my favourites. Never felt the melody the same way after I had produced it.

i:Vibes: At the end of 2011, you released Wicked where one already got a taste of your new sound. How difficult was it producing this track and getting the exact sound right to your hearts content?

Pulstate: Extremely difficult. It was a brand new sound from scratch, based on no existing sounds. I created a ''Pulstate'' sound. It took weeks to just get the sounds together, never mind even beginning to make the track! However, although fresh, it's a sound that the public worldwide haven't really taken to unfortunately. It's food for thought.

i:Vibes: This past summer you cranked out Swag. Another Techy track. What current artists do you respect most in terms of their sound and who give you influences to making your current sound?

Pulstate: Wolfgang Gartner and Seven Lions. I absolutely adore their sound, and the apparent freedom they have to produce any style, still easily associated with them, but different each time, and most importantly, is successful each time. I fully believe Seven Lions is the best producer on the planet at the current time, he is fantastic.

i:Vibes: You did a nice remix for of Kalwi & Remi's ''You & I”. It reminds a little of that DeadMau5 sound. How difficult was it making this remix and giving it that Pulstate touch to it?

Pulstate: Usually plucking chords are associated with a ''Deadmau5 sound'' but its a sound I've liked to experiment with over the years. I needed a concept to bring to life using that sound, and You & I was the perfect one. I'm not so sure about it having a Pulstate sound though, but it's tough for me to know if my own music, sounds like me… Confusing..

i:Vibes: Your new EP Wildcard is out. It seems like you have taken techy sounds to a new level. What was your goal behind your new soundscape with the Joker and Ace?

Pulstate: Every single or EP I release always has an underlying meaning. ''The Wildcard'' is so called because I believe it represents a dramatic change in style from me, which is 100% experimental, thus being a wildcard, since it can work, or maybe it can't. I wanted to try to blend some complex sounds with my own style, and I've got to say, I've been so proud of it, because it was definitely the most difficult production of my life so far.

i:Vibes: The feedback for your new EP Wildcard has been immense. How excited are you about this feedback. Does it sadden you that a Tiesto or Armin haven’t spun it yet?

Pulstate: The feedback has been positive, but unfortunately it's not gotten the support of the 2 big boys, Armin and Tiesto. If either of these supports your release, it usually takes off on Youtube etc boosting sales in the process, and thus boosting your artist profile. I can't say I'm surprised they didn't support it, since it's not trance, or electro house, but I've got to look forward to my next releases and hope they fit they're requirements.

i:Vibes: What can we await from you in the next months? You are working together with Eric Strong?

Pulstate: I've been in contact with numerous artists, one or two huge producers, and some fellow artists on Infrasonic. It's been really tough to match time zones and schedules, so the majority of these collaborations are still, 'unofficial.' Myself and Erick Strong agreed to do an EP which would blend our new styles together, but him and I have become distanced from each other for one reason or another, and right now it's looking unlikely we'll work together, which is really unfortunate.

i:Vibes: Will you be producing with Juventa again in the future?

Pulstate: I don't think so. We are not as close as we were before, and he's doing his thing in trance, whereas I'm now looking in a different direction. I can't see it happening at this time.

i:Vibes: When will John O Callaghan invite you into his studio for a session? You live just down the road from him?

Pulstate: I've spoken with John numerous times through Email and Skype. He wanted Armada to release my remix of his track, 'Find Yourself,' but it didn't work out. He still gives me feedback on my own tracks, and spins my stuff when he's on the road, so it's cool. It's amazing getting feedback on your own music from your heroes; still pinch myself every now and then. As for a collab, I haven't worked up the courage to ask! However, he's usually in a different part of the world every second day performing, so it'd be extremely difficult. I just want him to keep doing his thing!

i:Vibes: Which artists at the moment have caught your eye most in terms of their producing?

Pulstate: As I said earlier, Seven Lions. The guy went from winning Above & Beyond's remix contest, to rewriting the laws of dubstep. I absolutely love the smooth blend of atmospheric pads and melodies, with soothing female vocals, and then the dirty edge of dubstep wobbles and stuttered stabs etc. It's amazing to me.

i:Vibes: With what current artist would you like to be locked in the studio for 24 hours?

Pulstate: I always answer this question with Hans Zimmer when I'm asked. Right now, I'd probably say it's a tie between my buddy Ross Lara, and Seven Lions. Ross has produced/written for some of the world's biggest posters including Timbaland. I could learn a lot about equalization from him as he's the cleanest mixer I've ever heard.

i:Vibes: Your only 20 years. What dreams do you have as a producer?

Pulstate: Hopefully they will be realities rather than dreams, but I need to get my break as soon as possible. I need to get management sorted and get performing worldwide, producing top 10-20 tracks in the process. I've been producing music for 9 years, and I'll never forgive myself if I don't at the very least make some noise and push to make the ultimate dream come true. My favourite quote right now is a Spanish quote which says, '' No tiene sentido vivir la vida sin hacer algo extraordinario. '' It means, it is pointless to live a life without doing some extraordinary.


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