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© madamixStephane K (pictured right[john creamer-left])is one of the most respected names in progressive circles. He and partner John Creamer have produced some massive tracks in recent months, making their future productions eagerly awaited... we asked those questions which matter most.....

Stephane K. was born in Paris, then moved to Tokyo until he decided to further
his music career in New York. First he started out as a bass player in the
band Ð E Trance (hard progressive rock), played gigs in various spots in NY;
CBGB, Knitting Factory, etc. At the beginning of 90Õs, after experienced the
Legendary (original) Sound Factory sounds, he started to produce house music
at his own studio in New York. His works with DJ Katsu under the unit "Madam"
has been well received in New York and featured on various media in Japan.
Since 1998 he has been experimenting the new tribal, hard, deep and dark sounds.
And teamed up with the current partner John Creamer. This new sound and style
has recently started to be recognized by the industry.
(taken from madamix web page-stephane k's web page-)

here is my brief chat with stephane....

Q.At what age did you get into music?
"I bought my first guitar when I was 12."

Q.what made you get into music seriously..?
"After I graduated from college, I worked in a company for some months in NY, and I found out that I don’t fit in a corporate world, so I quit and it made me get into music seriously from that point on."

Q.who gave you your big break?
"It was Digit NY, a NY label signed my very first remix track of Every Jean “Town Near You”. My former partner for “MADAM” (Our last track was “Peneratration” released from SAW recordings and it was on GU by John Digweed) - DJ Katsu was A&R for DIGIT NY at that time."

Q.What labels are you associated with now?
"I and my partner - John Creamer are involved with PIPELINE records right now, and I’m planning to start my own label very soon......"

Q.where did you go on a regular night out?
"Mostly “Sound Factory” (where Twilo was) in early 90’s when Junior was really good. After that I went everywhere, but Twilo was my favorite for it’s sound system quality."

Q.what djs did you listen to then..and now?
"I used to go to “Sound Factory” every Saturday to listen to Junior Vasques. Then after that I went to Twilo a lot when Danny Tenaglia used to play on Saturdays. Now, I don’t go out much anymore especially after Twilo was shut down."

Q.What is your favourite track now?
“B Strong 4 Me” by Deliliah

Q.What is your favourite track ever?
"USL “So Get Up”"

Q.What is your best remix?
"Our remix of Sinead O’connor “Troy”"

Q.what have you got up and coming in the near future?
“Moony” Remix
“Yoko Ono” Remix

Q.who are the best guys you have worked with in the industry?
"Many but to name one - Sandar Kleinenburg – he is a great producer and DJ."

Q.where do you see progressive going?
"Happier sound....."

Q.do you play dj sets? if so where?
"I don’t DJ often because I wanted to concentrate on producing music, but I will start some gigs from WMC in Miami this year."

Q.what equipment do you use to produce your tracks?
"MAC G4 Dual and lots of Module."

Q.Would you say there is a basic guide of how to produce a track?
"Not really."

Q.do you get "inspirations" for tracks?
"Just take it as it comes. I never have a direction of the track before I start."

Q.what comments would you give to those starting out?
"Don’t give up! Most important thing is to continue producing no matter what, then your track will get better and better."

Q.who did you look to when you were starting out?
"Junior (When he was good) and DJ Pierre. "

1) Evelyn Jean Town Near you (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Dig it IntÕl US)
2) Raw Oxygen Vol.5 Ultraman (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Oxygen Music Works U.K.)
3) Raw Oxygen Vol. 6 Brown Dove (Produced by Stephane K.) (Oxygen Music Works U.S.)
4) Ultraman 30th Anniversary Club Remixes (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Tsuburaya Japan)
5) Thinkhead The Pledge (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (London FFRR)
6) Duncan Sheik Reasons for Living (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Atlantic)
7) Saramander (Video Game Soundtrack) Denial (Stephane K. and Ony) (Konamix Japan)
8) Madam (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) produced - Butterfly (Oxygen Music Works)
9) Aether Give Away My Fear (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (EightBall)
10) Joi Cardwell Power (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (Eightball Records)
11) Madam vs Benny Maze Deep Kemical/Limit Remix (Stephane K. and Benny Maze) (Deeper Rekord)
12) John Creamer and Stephane K. presents Six Rail Session Y U Here? (Empire State Records)
13) Jocelyn Brown Gospel Truth (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Disney France)
14) Stephane K. and DJ Katsu Out Of The Space (TV Animation Program Soundtrack) Madams Double Edge Mix (Warner Japan)
15) Stephane K. and DJ Katsu Cosmic Children (TV Animation Program Soundtrack) Madams Fear Pt.2 (Warner Japan)
16) Cevin Fisher Power (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (King Street)
17) Stephane K. Produced Super K. EP (NiteGroove)
18) Celeda The Undergroud (John Creamer and Stephane K.) ( Star 69 / Peter Rauhofer 1999 Grammy Award Recipient)
19) Lula The DJ , the Music and Me (John Creamer and Stephane K.) ( Star 69 / Peter Rauhofer 1999 Grammy Award Recipient)
20) Allan Car In My House (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (SONY US )
21) Trancesetters Roaches (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (dotdotdot Records)
22) Home Gardens Invitation (John Creamer and Stephane K.)(Central Park)
23) John Creamer and Stephane K. Hide You (White)
24) Tumba Vera Drums Come Alive (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (dotdotdot Records)
25) Satoshi Tomiie Love in Traffic (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (Sony Records)
26) Kevin Aviance Untitled (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (Wave Music)
27) Celeda The Music Use You Up (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (Star 69)
28) Michel Thomas Fore Shadow (John Creamer and Stephane K.) (Pitch Black)
29) Dan Robbins D.B.D. (Stephane K. and DJ Katsu) (Junior Boys Own)

Many thanks to stephane and his wife for enabling this inteview to happen!
Keep up the good work Stephane..
ivibes members...keep posted for further updates!!

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