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© AtaWe like to bring you inside the new talents within the Trance scene and for our latest interrogation we've managed to find another one. If you have yet to hear ATA's music, now would be the perfect time to begin...

The future of Trance is a topic that usually comes up for discussion when people think the genre is slowly dying off. It’s far from it and in recent years has become a sound stronger than ever, just with more external musical influences dipped into the traditional sound. The uplifting style of Trance is one which may never really change and good for it to because as a style is deeply powerful and can inspire even the most wayward of souls. One of the new creators when it comes to uplifting Trance you may have heard over the past years is a Romanian know as ATA. His real name is Tudoran Andrei Adi and he’s already produced a few notable Trance tracks in recent months. ‘Blue Skies’ would be one of his first official releases and saw the talents of Temple One remixing it to be featured on Above & Beyond’s ‘Trance Around The World’ radio show. It’s not just been remixes of his track that have made it onto the scene biggest trance radio shows as he’s had one of his latest tracks ‘Summer Sun’ featured on Armin’s ‘A State of Trance’ radio show. I don’t think it will be the last either as this chap’s music gets better with every release and with labels like Infrasonic Recordings putting faith in his music it’s not going to be long before the big labels start to take notice. We as ever went in search of this Romanian talent just find out just what makes him tick and what the plans for the future are.

i:Vibes: Thanks Tudoran for talking to ivibes.nu. How has your summer been? What has been your most enjoyable music moment in the summer of 2010?

ATA: Hi Miles. Thank you for your invitation @ ivibes.nu! Well, because of my job my summer hasn’t been really a vacation. I had two weeks free of work and I went with my girlfriend up in the Carpathians mountains.

i:Vibes: Where exactly are you from and what was your childhood like?

ATA: I was born in Romania in a village near the town of Iasi called Popricani. My childhood was normal. I was raised in a village and from 6th grade I started to interact with music. I had a tape with Enigma with his first album from 1990. I really enjoyed that tape because genuinely Enigma produces trance and the artist Michael Cretu has born in Romania and then established in Germany and took the name of Michael

i:Vibes: Who were your early musical inspirations?

ATA: My early musical inspiration was as I said before Enigma (you can see in my tracks the long dreamy pads which gives you the same atmosphere in Enigma tracks). And then ATB was most powerful musical inspiration to that date.

i:Vibes: What was the deciding moment where you knew that you wanted to be involved with trance music?

ATA: I decided in 9th grade to start play around with different music programs. In that date ~ 2001 weren’t so much DAW programs so back their existed only FL Studio 3 , Rebirth, MP Tracker and others. I played some time with Rebirth and the Modplug Tracker. I have created many tracks and my demos but my skills weren’t so high and I couldn’t enter on the trance stage. Back then trance stage was dominated by Tiesto, Armin van Buuren , ATB and Ferry Corsten. Today are so many trance artists! As I said, in 2004 I had so many tracks and demos that I could of made 2 albums, but then I had to focus on my school and faculty so I put away music creation and learned more in school.

After staying silent away from international trance stage in 2007 a friend told me that in my country will come Tiesto and he will start a remix contest on “Carpe Noctum” track. So I decided to put my skills on the test. I worked hard on that remix because I had only some WAV’s from the track. After some voting time I reached in top 10 remixes which will be sent to Tiesto. He will choose only 3 from 10. On Nov 30 I got a phone call and I was the winner of 1st place from 100 remixes in my country. I was so damn excited!!! After one day I was shaking hands and talked 10 minutes with Tiesto! So I said to myself, this is it! If Tiesto selected my remix from 10 best remixes from Romania it means that I can move on to the next level, and this is international trance stage which included forums and different sites to promote my tracks.

i:Vibes: How would you describe your current sound?

ATA: Honestly I am not so happy with my sound because I cannot afford to buy some gear and make a studio. I really can, life here is such a pain so all my tracks are made on a computer with and integrated soundcard and a pair of headphones which cost no more that 8 Euros. But I like my sound , is dreamy and I want to be so because it describes me, it describes my feelings , my thoughts and I like it to be more melodic.

i:Vibes: What is your biggest strength in the studio?

ATA: In making melodical themes with dreamy pads and pianos. I love it!

i:Vibes: Is Ata your middle name? Why did you choose the name Ata as your musical name?

ATA: ATA is not my middle name. ATA derives from my real name. Are acronyms. My name is Tudoran Andrei Adi so therefore it was created the ATA name.

i:Vibes: I understand that you want to have your own sound and not be compared to anyone, but do ever get compared to Sunny Lax? What is your impression of him as an artist?

ATA: I like very much Sunny Lax! He has very good tracks and the track that touched me is P.U.M.A...ohh that track is really getting me off my feet. Really, I cannot be compared to Sunny Lax, he has releases @ Anjunabeats so I have to work a lot to get to that kind of level. And so far as I know we are country neighbours. Correct me if I’m wrong. And yeah, my impression is very good about Sunny Lax, he’s a great artist!

i:Vibes: “Blue Skies” is a fantastic track by you. The remix by Temple One happens to be one of my favourite productions by him. What was your inspiration for this song? What was special about the Blue Skies on this day?

ATA: I like to make emotional tracks. “Blue Skies” is an emotional track. It was my 1st track created for international public. I worked hard , almost 3 months and I couldn’t believe that I had so much impact on trance stage. When I saw written on ASOT 342 episode “ATA – Blue Skies” I almost cried. I reacted like a miracle happened.

My inspiration was celestial, the sky because it has no end, no limits , no boundaries.

i:Vibes: “Maya” is also an incredible track. It sounds like you have a special sound symphony going in the atmosphere. Was this a track that was difficult to produce? What was the most important thing that you had to do to get the track perfect?

ATA: I wanted ”Maya” to be different. I used the same instrument used in “Blue Skies” but in another form. I really like that piano –guitar instrument. You’ll find it in many of my tracks. Maya wasn’t so hard to create because my skills were more powerful and I could make that track in just one week. Maya didn’t get too much attention from DJ’s .Only Aly & Fila ,Manuel Le Saux and Roger Shah used it in their mixes.

i:Vibes: When you are in the studio, do you have a certain formula how you go about producing one of your masterpieces or does it change from day to day in the studio?

ATA: First I create the theme because the theme is the engine of the track. Then I create the bassline, the drums and then I start creating intro and put all the pieces of puzzle together.

i:Vibes: What is your most prized possession in your studio that nobody really knows about?

ATA: Since I don’t have a studio I guess the most prized are my 8 euros headphones! Ha ha ha:P

Honestly I don’t know what to say to this question. I’m in check mate.

i:Vibes: Flatlands isn’t a new track, but I stumbled upon it some months ago and it is my favourite track in 2010. This is a perfect produced trance track and this is how a trance soundscape should sound like. Where do you rank this track with all the other tracks that you have produced?

ATA: Yes, I like very much “Flatlands”. It won the 3rd place on Pete Tong’s TV show. And ended up on his label Bedlam Bedroom on January EP 2009. I’ve seen on YouTube that the track is very well welcomed but I don’t know why DJ’s are not playing it in their mixes. I guess they don’t like the track. The track is 2nd place after “Blue Skies”.

i:Vibes: What is your inspiration behind “Flatlands”? It seems like you had a very nice soothing experience in your life which you explain in the music?

ATA: I’m and emotional guy and I like to reflect on things. Flatlands was created at night and very most of the tracks. In the night you can thing about anything you like or dream anything you like.

i:Vibes: The break is really something so beautiful. How difficult was it finding the right sound for the break?

ATA: Well, I like to play with pads and when I play I play it hard :P The break involves emotions , feelings and I know to handle with this things.

i:Vibes: You will release the Flashback EP in October. This is another beautiful piece of music. It is a surprising track where you have an edgy sound in the break. Talk about the making of this track.

ATA: Flashback has a long story. First the track was created in 2009 but it failed to be signed by anyone so I was a little depressed because the track is good but no one wanted. So it stayed almost a year in my hard drive and it was never played. Thanks to Crossair Recordings and Vlad Vizitiu , the label manager for Romania for signing it. I put a lot of emotions in the track. I like it because it’s dreamy. It makes you reflect on things when you listen it .It took me 2 weeks to make it. I can’t wait to see it released!

i:Vibes: The title Flashback is very catchy. What kind of flashback were you having when making this track musically?

ATA: Flashback of “Flatlands”, because it’s basis started from “Flatlands”. The name wants to connect with the term from Psychology. Fragments of memories that appears from nowhere in your mind.

i:Vibes: Will the ATA sound remain the way it will or are you getting sick of the uplifting sound? Could we await a different turn in your sound as you have shown somewhat in the track Flashback?

ATA: I’m not getting sick about uplifting sound and I’m not the guy that changes its style over the current trance style used in that year. No, I want to keep my integrity of my style and tracks.

In fact uplifting sound makes trance so special. No genre makes you happy and calm like uplifting trance. I tried some new sounds and style in some track I finished. Hopefully I will sign it. If not I will give it for free.

i:Vibes: What other productions can we await from you in the future?

ATA: I would like to make an album. To take a year and reserve it or the album. I have some finished tracks that are not public but who knows, maybe it will make part of the album.

i:Vibes: With what artist would you like to be locked up with in the studio for 24 hours?

ATA: Above & Beyond or/and ATB! Oooooo yeah! Locked away forever!

i:Vibes: What is your impression of the German trance scene? What artists do you like?

ATA: The German trance scene is very “precise” very unique in sound. From Germany I have one artist that impressed me since the beginning and it’s ATB! There’s no other like him!

i:Vibes: What is a big wish that you want as an artist?

ATA: My big wish is to have a well equipped studio, a real professional studio to let my skills let go and show to the world what I really can. After that I would want to start a trance label of my own.

i:Vibes: What are your current 5 favourite tracks?

ATA: Zoo Brazil – Crossroads , a simple but very beautiful track.
Delerium & Sarah Mclaughlan - Silence (Dj Tiesto remix) , no words!
Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab - On A Good Day
Above & Beyond – Good for me (Club mix)
Above & Beyond – Home (Above& Beyond mix)

There are more tracks that I like so this is subjective. Can’t add them all here.

i:Vibes: Who will be the #1 DJ at DJ Mag 2010? Will it be Armin for a 4th time, Or Tiesto, or PVD again or for the first time David Gueta or Above & Beyond?

ATA: Honestly I don’t know but I would like that this year the #1 to be Above & Beyond, but who will know, maybe Armin will be for the 4th time. It’s all about the fans.

i:Vibes: What are your hobbies?

ATA: My main hobbies are music (creating), computers, electronics and last but not the least, cars!

i:Vibes: What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

ATA: Toy Story 3. Great movie! I like animation movies

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