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© Marcus SchossowIt's been a little while in the making but the debut artist album from Marcus Schossow which is a fifteen track explosion of mashed up beats. His style is very unique and it's one to really get you teeth into. In the meantime i:Vibes went to find out more on his debut LP...

Schossow is a very rare individual. He shines at whatever he throws his hand to, and whether that’s performing to thousands or producing for the masses – he’s on a mission to reinvent dance music, and he’s off to a flying start!

This reinvention started with his smash 2007 track Mr White, whereby fusing futuristic techno, with filthy house and a subtle smattering of trance; his sound automatically became appealing to a whole host of DJs and music fans alike. Marcus is part of a hot, new, elite set of young DJs and producers with dance floors around the world clamouring for his infectious presence and prodigious mixing.

Progresia and Tone Diary, his own projects, are establishing the ‘Schossow Sound’ while his work with fellow producer Thomas Sagstad has seen Tiesto, Axwell and Steve Lawler snapping up tracks like Hypnotizer and Crepusculo. World-renowned Dutch outfit Spinnin have given Schossow their full backing, making him their youngest signing to date. At only 22, Schossow is a serious force to be reckoned with. Further support comes from the A list including Pete Tong, Armin Van Buuren, Steve Angelo and Sander van Doorn, underlining Marcus’ increasing influence in the world of dance.

And it’s not just his ability as a producer that screams ‘watch this person’. Schossow is in demand around the world! America, Europe, the Far East and beyond are all calling out for gaps in his diary. In the short time Marcus has been around, he’s already clocked up some of the biggest gigs in the calendar: Dance Valley, Godskitchen , Sunrise Festival, Escape Into the Park, Zurich’s Street Parade and the Colours Festival are just some!

With Tone Diary, Marcus’ acclaimed radio show; the sound of Schossow travels even further. Setting the airwaves ablaze, he reaches those not lucky enough to have caught him live yet and reminds those who have of why they’ll have to check him out again!

Yet with all this, it’s so easy to forget that Marcus Schossow is just 22 years old. A young man who is only just starting out at what looks set to be a very prosperous musical career. More beckons as 2008 propels past the half way mark and for Marcus Schossow this is only just the beginning…

i:Vibes: Marcus, thanks for taking some time to talk to ivibes.nu. You are about to release your debut album. How long did it take to produce this album and what kind of experience was it making this album?

Marcus: It was all a long process, both for myself as an artist and for the inner feelings of me. To make an album you really have to dig into your deepest parts of yourself, sometimes its not to pleasant to see what you find and sometimes extreme happiness can be found. The album took about 2 years to produce and my life been in a constant change those 2 years as well, so my music was kind of a red line through whole that time.

i:Vibes: Did you have some particular direction you wanted to go at the start or did the tracks just get produced along the way?

Marcus: I just did what I felt like and I didn’t care what the main label said, they had many doubts during the process and was nervous I was fucking it up. But now they are silent and tickling my balls. You know, music is art and you should do whatever you want to do with it.

i:Vibes: How would you describe the Schossow sound of 2009? Was your current sound in any way influenced by the making of Outside the box?

Marcus: I don’t think there is a certain sound for a year, its just bullshit. Fuck the boxes of time and genre’s, its useless. If its good, its good and it doesn’t matter when it was made. And no, they only one I was influenced by was trentemoller I think .

i:Vibes: The album is called Outside the box. What kind of special meaning does the title have for you?

Marcus: Well, I always felt a little bit outside of everything since i was old enough to have a self-perspective of things. I grew up different then everyone around me and I always walked my own way. My music is a mirror of my inner me and I guess outside the box is the best possible description of me and my music.

i:Vibes: You incorporate so many different musical genres in your debut album. Is their a particular genre that is most catering to you that you actually want to reveal?

Marcus: Nah, its just music and I don’t really look at genres.

i:Vibes: Not only the title says it, but the music with When life turns to grey is very sombre. What was your inspiration behind the opening track?

Marcus: My best mate died in a car crash. I wouldn’t call that inspiration to be really honest. It was a very sad time for me and I felt what the title says…. Life turned grey.

i:Vibes: You produced “Yellow Cabs” with Thomas Sagstad. What was it like producing with him and who had what duties in getting this track perfect? Were the New York cabs the inspiration behind this track?

Marcus: Yeah, we both love New York and we both had the same feeling to go with. We made the track in 2007 but we never showed it until now ;) Me and Thomas is best mates and we know each other like brothers, so we always know what were going for.

i:Vibes: “Evil machines forever” is very progressive. I hope you weren’t referring to your studio equipment? What kind of a mood do you have to be in to produce something like this?

Marcus: Ahahaha, well, to be honest I don’t remember, I just have the memory of me being in a good mood wanted to make some none ping pong click click techno and then this tune came out.

i:Vibes: “The Opener” is more melodic and has some house elements in it. This is a track that could function well on the dance floor. Is this a track that you would play yourself?

Marcus: Yeah, I will start to open with this tune a lot next half year ! Its has this lovely amazing warm summer feeling!

i:Vibes: “My Star” has an interesting muffled vocal and is another functioning dance track. Does this track have a special story behind it? Being someone’s star could be very rare.

Marcus: That tune is made for my girlfriend. I’m away quite much and I always wonder what she is doing sometimes. I miss her a lot during touring and this tune explains what I feel. She is my star.

i:Vibes: You continue another melodic number with “A new beginning”. How difficult is it for you to come up with the right melody in a track? Are you more a perfectionist in this area or are melodies that just come more quicker to you than looking and then deciding on the best?

Marcus: Hmm I don’t think it took so long, I just followed my heart. I just moved to Slovakia when I made that tune and I had a lot of feelings inside of me then. It was a new thing and I try to explain the feeling of it in that tune.

i:Vibes: You produced “Light” with Andy Duguid. This is a very beautiful vocal number. The music is soothing and perfect for a romantic night. What was the goal between you and Andy when you were making this?

Marcus: Well, I’ve always loved Andy’s stuff and it was a pleasure to make this tune with him. He is such a natural talent! I guess we didn’t have a goal, we just did what we wanted to do.

i:Vibes: What was it like working with singer Emma Hewitt. What was unique about her that she was able to give her voice to !Light”?

Marcus: Well, we had a couple of singers in my mind but we both felt Emma would be the perfect match with her crisp voice! I am very very very happy with what she did and I hope me and Andy maybe one day can do more with her ;) Who knows, maybe we will do something special for the next ISOS that comes out next year ;)

i:Vibes: “Knor” has some techy elements. What is your favourite part about this track?

Marcus: The over all mood in it is just pure evil ! This tune is a banger on the floor and it rips the gut out of you!

i:Vibes: With “Beast”, you have produced another track that has many different musical styles in it. How important was it making Out of the box has musically diverse as it could only be?

Marcus: Like I’ve explained before, I don’t really care about what other think of my music and I didn’t listen to anyone during the process, I just did what I wanted to do. But for me personally it means a lot for me. Beast is such a special tune and you will never ever be able to label it into a genre !

i:Vibes: You produced “Kofolo” with Robert Burian. What makes him so special as a producer and why did you want him on your album?

Marcus: Robert is not only a amazing talent but also sometimes a lost soul when it comes to the music side ! He makes so much stuff and I feel very connected though him in a special way since I see where he comes from and I see what his goals is. Robert helped me with the final sound process of this album and I am very grateful for that help ! He is a true sound master!

If only Robert can concentrate a little bit more on what he wants, he would become the new big thing within a year! Just wait until you will hear his new release on tone diary, It will blow you heads off ;)

i:Vibes: The title “In Russia vodka drinks you” is a very catching title. What was your inspiration behind this track?

Marcus: Russia ?

Its an amazing fucked up place that is so big and has so many talents and cool people that its impossible to even put a finger to it. I love Russia and I love Ukraine, amazing people with big heart. To bad their Politian’s is a bunch of corrupt bastards… but hey, I’m pretty sure their karma will catch up with them when the new generation takes over in a couple of years ;)

i:Vibes: Towards the end of the album, one gets the sense that you might have a love more to the rougher sound as heard on “Snare”. Is this a sound that you could feature even more down the road and get more away from the traditional softer trance?

Marcus: Yeah, I like when trance has a punch and when its freaking out a bit. Iv never seen a crowd freak out to a uplifting trance tune on all the events iv ever been to, Its nice on radio but that’s it. Imagine 8 hours of uplifting trance on a dance floor ? You would break your arms from all those long breaks in the tunes!

i:Vibes: What was your inspiration behind “Kaboom”? The only thing missing was a bomb sound in the track.

Marcus: Hahaha ! Well, I always loved Marcel Woods tune he did for trance energy so you can clearly hear where I found that inspiration ;)

i:Vibes: “From my heart” is a pretty track with a cinematic sound. How difficult was it making this track. This is a track that I can imagine Armin van Buuren playing at peak time.

Marcus: Yeah well, I wanted to do something really trance and it worked out ! I spent ages on those string chords and I’m really happy what came out of it. It’s a true trance tune from me.

i:Vibes: You close the album with “From Zero”. What was your intention with this as the closer?

Marcus: Everything starts from zero and ends in zero, so that’s the thought behind it. I wanted to make a little cheeky finish but still keep the beauty of it!

i:Vibes: Thank you Marcos for the chat. Good luck with the album!

Marcus: You’re welcome!
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