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The new face of Ambient music finally decides to release the films that were created with his music. Originally only seen in Art Houses, now you get to experience them in 5.1 sound! Don't miss out on this!

Marvin Ayres/Pete Gomes Ė Sensory Ė Collaborations 1999-2002 (Burning Shed)

Usually most CDs just come with a bog standard cover and a disc and some tracks and thatís it. Well Marvin Ayres decided to put three of his tracks with the film that Pete Gomes created from 1999-2002 on a DVD. Most of you by now will have said thatís nothing special but when you add the fact that he makes Ambient music and now the videos are something to chill out, wind down and relax down, then it might make a difference. So you have Ayresí work in 5.1 Surround Sound with a 3 films for the 3 tracks, which is unique because most of these have only been shown in Art Houses, the world over.

Marvin Ayres is the newest wonder producer coming out of the UK, he makes Ambient but he uses Cellos, Violins and other instruments like that, he does not use that much computer programs as other artists in the genre do.

Pete Gomes is a filmmaker that has released works and have been screened at the Tate Modern Institute of Contemporary Art, Gimpel Fils in London and other art galleries, the world over.


The first track on this multi media disc is Sensory and this slow builder is just beautiful and its weird how Pete Gomesí liking of artificial life patterns just goes very well with the music. You are almost instantly put in a world of breath taking sound and unique film making. Its so much more powerful, if you have a large TV with surround sound and the speakers are placed in different parts of the room. That really pushes what they are trying to achieve to a whole new level. I think Ayres is trying to push music that is almost something that will take your mind away and then Gomes tries to put that into pictures and it pushes it to a new level. I think its great and its obviously unlike anything Iíve ever seen. Its almost too groundbreaking to accurately describe but after the first track, Iím already hooked.

Scape is even better than Sensory, it seems that Ayresí music works well, the textures of the Ambient music fit in so well with the film that has pictures of London. The pictures of the scenery plus the music is so well done and its really impressive. I donít think whatever I say can really do this justice because itís a collaboration between an amazing filmmaker and a solid musician. It works well on every single level and you are put in a world of total calm by this DVD.

Then I thought this could not get any better but I was wrong, after the amazing connection between music and film for the first two tracks or films, then we had Cycle come in. Cycle is all about Gomesí fascination with artificial life forms, its about a tree in blossom, Iíll leave everything else about it to your imagination, I donít want to spoil the rest of this. The music that goes with it, seems to just connect on every single level, very well. Iím in a world of complete calm and Iím memorized by how the music and the film fit in so well.

Required viewing for everyone, its just amazing and completely breathtaking. It is just poetry in motion, with awesome films, put that together, you get a must have DVD


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Burning Shed


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