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© Provided by the barkansIsraeli psy trance brothers Eyal & Oren give us a brief lowdown and answer a few questions about themselves as well as upcoming information.

Eyal and Oren Barkan, two of the leading players in the trance scene and a major representative of the psy trance scene has given a few minutes of their time to speak to i:Vibes

i:Vibes: Well, the first thing that most people ask is, "Are you guys related to each other"?

Barkans: Yes, for all who'd like to know we are indeed brothers as well as partners on our own label G.M.I.

i:Vibes: Aside from that, where do your roots in music come from, and how about tell us a bit about what your backgrounds are like.

Barkans: Eyal started to collect trance music 11 years ago on a DAT machine and after a while his collection grew and so did his ability to DJ, soon becoming the no.1 trance DJ in Israel. Together with Oren they started to create trance music in their own studio and produce tracks under the name "Reverse Psychology".

Soon after came the beginnings of G.M.I which eventually became the top Israeli label. Oren make all the world live performances whilst Eyal produces and releases the tracks to the world.

i:Vibes: Israel is often denounced as psy-trance central of the world, yet the government denounces rave culture as being a negative thing. How do you 2 see the trance scene in Israel, and how does it compare on a global level?

Barkans: About 5-6 years ago when the trance was still really underground in Israel there were big problems with the government and the police, and they sought to close many parties and arrest people affiliated with it. But today after trance is becoming more commercial the government has no choice but to make it more open and ease the rules. Today we can listen to trance music every where, on the radio, in shops, bars, clubs, etc, so we think the trance has taken a good stature on the music status in Israel as well as around the world.

i:Vibes: There have been numerous productions under the Eyal & Oren Barken guise which have seen no release, or only small amounts on the local Israel labels. Are there going to be aims to push your releases out towards Asia and Europe, where the trance scene is still pushing towards its limits.

Barkans: Our target now is Europe, and Asia in particular and we keep an open mind to spreading out sounds around the world, hoping that we will soon have more releases pushed out into Europe especially so you can also enjoy the music as we have.

i:Vibes: Speaking of productions, there have been a couple of noticable productions from Eyal in particular, such as "Revolution" and "Voyage" as single releases and several albums from both of you. What is to come from Eyal in the near future? How about in terms of "Eyal & Oren Barkan" productions? and Albums?

Barkans: In the near future, sometime around January or February, Eyal will release 1 new single and he will also have a new album on Black Hole Recordings that will be on a world wide distribution scale. Furthermore, Oren will have a new psy trance album coming out and a few releases under the GMI label which we will give more information when its ready. Other than that, we are working on new ideas to come.

i:Vibes: Often, we have only heard live sets on BU Israel Radio and I am sure many people out there would agree that they want to hear more of the sound you guys push forward, are there going to be plans to expand on that soon?

Barkans: We are hoping that this will soon be possible for you to hear our sounds as we're looking to do a few performances in Europe and numerous others places. Hopefully we'll see you there!

i:Vibes: What are the top tracks in the DJ Box at the moment?

Barkans: The top tracks at the moment include: Revolution / Jish / New Target / Funky Kombina / L.M.D.S / High Density.

i:Vibes: Favourite venue to DJ at in the world?

Barkans: This is one which we always find difficult to choose, because we usually enjoy everywhere we play!

i:Vibes: How about your opinions on mp3s?

Barkans: Our opinion is that mp3s are good as such and also bad at the same time. Mp3s are good for track exposure but they are not that great for the sales of music, as some people tend to go for the mp3 and not buy the original cd or records.

i:Vibes: Any final words you'd like to tell the readers?

Barkans: First, We wish for peace all over the world, and secondly, if you buy a fake CD you're funding the terror!!!
© Provided by the barkans © Provided by the barkans

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