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© www.nature-one.deFor the fourth time the ambassadors of the harder styles in electronic music return to the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund... to lead you to your destiny. More powerfull, intensive and devastive than ever, follow their call to your final destination!

In 2007 the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund hosted a new generation of event, irreversibly changing Germany's landscape in electronic music. All harder styles of electronic music are equally represented on this event, starting up with hardstyle, over to the hardcore mainstage and finally the hartechno arena. The legends of these styles, old stars and uprising newcomers, have the mission to force your legs to dance, your arms to rise and your voices to shout. Empower all your senses till total exhaustion and push you to your limits and way further. This will not only be managed by an inferno of hard bases and loud sounds, but an incredible firework of light and lasers. There is no other possibility for the lovers of these extreme sounds than to make their way to Dortmund and praise to these gods of music in their dark temple.

Masters of Hardcore

After his great success of last years' Masters of Hardcore, MC Tha Watcher is presenting this immense floor again. His energy on stage has never been seen before in the hardcore scene and respected by all DJ’s and live-acts he ever worked with. His vocals led to the nickname “The Voice Of Mayhem”, after his excellent vocal contribution to the Masters of Hardcore 2010 anthem by Outblast and Angerfist.

Angerfist, the formation led by Danny Masseling has dropped so many hits over the years, that we’d need a book to name them all. Get ready to raise your fist and open your ears for tormenting hardcore by the duo that has already proven itself all over the planet with their own unique vision on hardcore.

The ‘Queen of Hardcore’, Korsakoff recently released her third album, which continues the story of her previous albums. Her acclaimed “Pink Noise” has struck the hearts of thousands of hardcore addicts. Her discography contains some of the biggest hits in hardcore history like “Unleash The Beast”, “Still Wasted” and the current smash “Screwdriver” in collaboration with DaY-Már. On stage, she maintains “Unrivalled”!

Outblast, the most successful hardcore artist of the last decade will strike once again on SYNDICATE. After legendary performances with Paul Elstak, Predator and a live-act with Angerfist in the last three years, this time Outblast will hit you solo with his selection of devastating hardcore. Outblast’s success was underscribed recently by brilliant releases like “Pride & Pain”, “Delusion” and the Masters of Hardcore Anthem 2010 “The Voice Of Mayhem”.

When the Italian freaks of Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied team up, nothing will be the same again after their performance. All Traxtorm Records artists get on stage for a unique performance. Unique is the right word, as their live-act is scarce like a blue diamond.

Last year, Predator took us to our “Unified Destination”, which also was the title of the SYNDICATE 2009 anthem. But Predator always wants to take it a little further. The former Ruffneck-soldier has had an enormous impact on the Masters of Hardcore imprint the last couple of years due to hits like “Legend”, “Silent Notes”, “The Milition” and “Demon Pit”.

A live-act by Noize Suppressor always leads to an amazing reaction of the crowd, but when the duo brings their infamous "Sonar" machine along, everybody has their eyes wide open. The Sonar live act is unique in the hardcore scene, as Noize Suppressor built the machine himself. Bonecrushin’ beats will take over in this half hour show.

DJ Vince, one of the most technical gifted hardcore DJ’s in history is back with a vengeance on SYNDICATE. Hailed for his impressive mixing skills and excellent choice of records, this Shadowlands Terrorist is reckoned to be on top of the game for fifteen years now.

After the debut of the three Hardcore Blasters artists DJ D, Nitrogenetics and Hellsystem, they team up once again for their first common appearance on SYNDICATE. The label has made some incredible progress lately, delivering recent hits like “Pledge Of Resistance”, “Mad Pimp”, “Get It Right”, “Inside Your Head” and “Imagine”.

Re-Style is on a roll like nearly no one else lately. In 2009 he had huge favored hits like “Get It Crackin”, “Asskicked” and “Planetgroover”, but also remixed tracks for artists like Predator & Angerfist, Dr. Z-Vago and AniMe.

The “Mastah Of Shock”, Tha Playah is one of the hottest artists in today’s hardcore. Last year, he dropped his second album “Walking The Line”, which featured big hits like “Why So Serious”, “Requiem Of The Fallen” and “Dicks, Pussy’s And Assholes”. His track “Walking The Line” was awarded to be the best track of 2009 in the MOH Radio Live Top 100 of 2009.

Filippo Calcagni, aka Mad Dog is responsible for many hits. In April, he dropped his latest release “Here Comes The Madness”, which featured the demanded tracks “The Flow”, “Here Comes The Madness” and “Next Level”. The Italian madman always has an amount of big tricks up his sleeve when he performs a DJ set, so be prepared for some hot Traxtorm influenced hardcore.

The duo Tomcat & Rudeboy from the east of Holland is getting bigger and bigger each year. After releasing their first EP in 2008, they continued producing quality hardcore resulting in hits like “Soul Of A Warrior”, “Pull The Strings”, and the demanded “Organized Confusion”. These members of the recently founded live-act Eastside Connection will bring their trademarked style to SYNDCIATE for the first time in their careers.

The Italian AniMe is one of the rising stars from Italy. Barbara’s first release is been looked forward to this year, as the two tracks “Concetrate” and “Detonate” are being played by nearly all DJ’s these days. But AniMe has already shown her skills on various events in the history like Dominator, Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome, TOXICATOR, Hardcore Italia and MAYDAY.

Perhaps the biggest revelation of 2010 so far: Out of nothing, Hardtunes.com had two tracks by Dyprax in their webstore and were picked up instantly by all major DJ’s. Without any doubt one of the most promising artists in the hardcore scene.

Hardtechno Force

Without any doubt, Ana and David aka Pet Duo are the most furious techno act from South-America. When the spouses team up on stage, they reinforce their motto ‘we fight for techno’. With four decks and two mixers, the Brazilian DJ’s always prove their reputation of being an insane duo behind the wheels of steel.

Frank Kvitta on stage with three or even four decks and hell is determined to break loose. Frank Kvitta has played on nearly every major techno-event in the world to spread the Kvitta-Virus. Symptoms of infection? An unfailing force to keep on dancing, screaming louder than you thought you were capable of and a total energy-drain when he played his last record!

Two of the biggest pioneers in hardtechno from Germany, will gather forces to test the fundament of the Westfalenhallen. Arkus P. and Boris S. have toured all over the world to play their unique sound, but the combination of their knowledge and power is hailed to be one of the hottest in hardtechno.

BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter, namely Sascha and Oliver decided to collaborate in 2003. Known for the legendary "Abschuss" events in Germany and the same named recordlabel they manage, but also for their insane live act. Their discography contains smashes like “Bleib Sauber”, “Dreckschleuder”, “Abfahrt 17 Uhr” and one of their recent successes “Rave Me”.

Waldhaus, who is acclaimed for his collaborations with Weichentechnikk, but also solo an artist to be very aware of. His resume contains hits like “The Darkness”, “Konkupiszenz” and “Alea Lacta Est”. In 2009, Waldhaus produced an EP for the legendary Industrial Strenght imprint and became one of the biggest hardtechno/ hardcore crossover hits last year.

Deadly Sins is the new project by Robert Natus for his hardtechno-sounds, as the Robert Natus project has evolved into a techno act. Robert Natus has released over 170 EP’s in his career and played thousands of gigs all over the globe, making him one of the most succesfull hardtechno artists in history.

The international hardcorescene hails her as “The Queen of Darkness”, as her pick of records is influenced by her drive to play deep and dark sounds. This interest led to an addiction to hardtechno. DaY-Már has played hardtechno for many years now, but will perform a full hardtechno set on SYNDICATE.

The head of Hardmunich Records, doesn’t make any compromises to quality hardgroove and hardtechno. He released the hit “Esel Liebt Kuh” in 2008 and Kenned Pool's tracks got remixed by leading hardtechno acts like Kaoz & Ewe and Alex Kvitta.

As a member of the Abstract family, Sutura will make his first appearance on SYNDICATE. After releasing tracks on the infamous Kne’Deep, the German new kid on the block got picked up by Sven Wittekind for a release on his label Inflicted.

Razor is another Abstract soldier that will hit the decks on SYNDICATE. It was Abstract label head Kaoz who discovered Razor on a radio show and signed him just a few weeks later. Razor’s passport features stamps from countries like Austria, Poland, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Spain and Croatia.

Hardstyle Prison

Hardstyle Prison presented by MC Syco is one of the most versatile MC’s in the game. His career took him all over the world, performing at events like SYNDICATE, Toxicator, Masters of Hardcore, Thunderdome and Dominator.

Willem Rebergen is without any doubt one of the biggest hardstyle artists in the world. Performing all over the globe and releasing nothing but dancefloor bombs, Headhunterz equals mass hysteria on the floor. His discography features major hits like “Sacrifice”, “Rock Civilization” and “End Of My Existence”.

In 2009, the hardstyle scene was struck by a new kid that had an immense impact on the evolution of hardstyle that year. When Crypsis released his “Statement” trilogy followed by the groundbreaking “Statement Of Intent” album, Grzegorz was hailed as the revelation of the year by thousands of fans. After playing DJ-sets on events like Hard Bass, Thrillogy and Pleasure Island, he took his act to the next level introducing his live-act.

The Italian warrior Tatanka has been a regular force in hardstyle for several years now. After playing on Defqon.1 2005, he had a fantastic 2006 and became an act that is favoured by the crowd for his rock hard kickdrums. In 2009 he had a huge hit with “Gangsta” and productions like “Let’s Rock”, “Front 2 Back” and “Kriminal Flash” are still in huge demand.

The only and identical twin brothers in the hardstyle scene go by the name Identic. Denmark based brothers Anders and Jesper stand for energetic and uplifting hardstyle music. Already presented on stages around Europe these “identic” twin brothers will guarantee twice the excitement, fun and energy behind the decks.

The latest Dutch female revelation goes by the name Anna Peters. Playing various clubs in the north-east of Holland gave her the experience and attention she needed and soon things accelerated like a unstoppable train. Stunning looking Anagenetic proved she can do and be a lot more than just beautiful.

The biggest name from Belgium already crushed SYNDICATE in 2009, but had to be back for this year’s edition. Coone’s productions on Dirty Workz are played by many hardstyle and tek-DJ’s in the world and rocked events like Defqon.1, Black, Decibel and In Qontrol 2010.

Psyko Punkz are a force to be reckoned with. These guys first met at a party where they shared their views on electronic dance music. After becoming good friends they built their studio in the outskirts of Holland. For years they crafted on a new dark sound that had never been heard before, until now. They are signed to Coone’s Dirty Workz records and here to claim throne in the world of hardstyle.

Chain Reaction is another huge talented DJ/Producer from the Minus Is More imprint, that also gave you Kold Konexion and Crypsis. In April he released his debut EP, which is named as one of the best debut-releases in years. This is one of Holland’s most promising rising stars of 2010 in the hardstyle. Obey!

Maly is the pioneer for hardstyle in Israel. After rocking every club and festival in Israel, it is time to conquer the rest of Europe. He released tracks on Blutonium Records and Dutch Derailed Traxx. Nowadays, Maly is in the final stage of finishing his new studio so we have a lot to expect from him – new sounds, new vibes, new styles and a lot of new surprises, don’t miss this one.


Date & Time:
Date: 2nd October 2010
Doors Open: 18:00 - 10:00
Where: Westfalen-Halls, Dortmund, Strobelallee45, 44139 Dortmund, Germany

Advance tickets EUR 41,-*
On the day EUR 49,-

*plus booking fee
Order original tickets :
+49 (0) 261 - 921 584 -0 or order online


Officiële Nederlandse voorverkoop en informatie bij:
Amersfoort Dada Dance
033 – 461 30 27
Amsterdam Club Warehouse
020 – 622 87 66
Arnheim Dance Drugstore
026 – 351 89 16
Breda Magik The Record Store
076 – 515 29 92
Den Bosch Trend Records
073 – 614 71 41
Deventer Walk’in
0570 – 61 46 88
Nijmegen Power House
024 – 324 19 82
Rotterdam Basic Beat
010 – 436 64 26

Utrecht Twist & Shout
030 – 234 05 20
Zwolle Sam Sam music
038 – 422 40 60

Verder kan je kaarten kopen bij van de 1000 ticketbox winkels (kijk voor adressen op www.ticketbox.nl of bel 0900 – 93 93 (45ct/pm)) en alle Free Record Shops.
Voor alle vragen en overige informatie over de reizen, de camping, line up en bijvoorbeeld kaartverkoop van NATURE ONE kan je kijken op www.id-t.com of een email sturen naar n1@id-t.com.
Voor specifieke vragen over busreizen naar NATURE ONE kan je kijken op www.travel.nl, bellen naar 0525 – 65 91 06 of eamailen naar info@travel.nl


Luxembourg Placebo
26 48 04 86

Location FNAC – Carrefour
Tel.: 08 92 68 36 22 (0,34 euros/min) depuis la France.
Tel.: 01 42 31 32 28 pour les autres pays.



Location FNAC – Carrefour
Tel.: 01 42 31 32 28
Tel.: 0900 - 800800 (CHF 1,19 /min)


Tickets in allen Vorverkaufsstellen mit ATO_Anschluss
Hotline: 01 - 88088


Tel.: 08700 - 60 01 00 (24h)



Please visit the Syndicate Homepage for all your information needs.

i:vibes wishes you all a fantastic Syndicate 2010

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