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© DimensionWe take a deeper look into the mind of Dimension, otherwise known as Borja Iglesias Touceda as he's one of the hottest trance talents to emerge from Spain over the past year...

It's interesting what you can find in a cereal packet these days, a free toy, maybe a fingernail, but its not everyday you find the musical tool that puts you on the path to creating some truly gorgeous music. It was the first place in which Spanish producer Borja Iglesias Touceda first found the musical creation tool to get into producing and today he is better know under his trance alias Dimension. The Trance scene is a vibrant one at the moment with so many new and exciting producers popping and one name that has been knocking out the stellar tracks over the past year or so is indeed Dimension. Rogar Shah signed him to his own label Magic Island for which he has had a few notable releases to date. You know you’re a dab hand at this production game when the likes of Roger Shah are impressed with your records. One of his best for me on Magic Island is his collaboration with Fast Distance for the addictively euphoric ‘Hold Me Above EP’ which did the rounds on all the major names radio stations like ASOT, Corstens’s Coundown and Paul van Dyk’s VONYC Sessions. He also had a more chilled released under is ‘Oceano’ alias for a track called ‘Cabo Del Mar’ which was featured on Roger’s ‘Magic Island – Music For Balearic People’ compilation released earlier on this year.

Having released records on some of the biggest labels on the scene like VANDIT, Armada and Discover its only right we investigate further on just what makes this highly rated new Spanish producer tick. He has just released a new track with Robbie Seed called ‘Blue Line’ that is an uplifting epic you must check out. On the forthcoming edition of Ferry’s ‘Once Upon A Night’ will be one of his forthcoming new tracks ‘Once A Day’ which kicks off the first CD. On top of that he has a stream of new tracks ready to drop before the end of the year. Read on for just about everything you would want to know about Dimension.

i:Vibes: Thanks for taking the time to talk to i:Vibes Borja, I think this is our first time with you in the interrogation room so we’ll break you in gently. Your currently one of the new names on the trance scene, looking at your background what got you into producing music?

Dimension: OK, first off, many thanks to you for having this interview. Certainly I’ve always been into music. Musical instruments got my attention since I was a child, and I began to play piano on my own. Later on, when I was thirteen I started to attend private lessons. But I gave up four years later, because I wasn’t finding it a little bit boring. I was keen on playing melodies from my mind, developed by myself.

It was at this time when, by chance (don’t make jokes) in a cereal package I bumped into a musical software for free. This was my first contact with musical production. Later on, I discovered far more sophisticated tools such as FL studio, that provided me with the possibility to release my humble first album that was shared with my schoolmates.

i:Vibes: What inspiring records and artists made you want to take up producing yourself?

Dimension: At the beginning I found inspiration in Ian Van Dahl, Cj Stone, Gouryella, of course… and when I dive into trance my huge sources of inspiration were Armin Van Buuren, Airbase, Ferry, Tiësto or Robert Nickson among others. Talking about labels: Somatic Sense, In Trance We Trust or Tsunami records have always had a good reputation.

i:Vibes: Have you always had an interest in producing music when you were growing up?

Dimension: Being honest, I haven’t. I knew truly that I loved music and playing the piano. But having internet connection and discovering trance style was something that took me to another “dimension” (LOL) and it made me to get involved in professional production.

i:Vibes: Have you any firm memories from records that really got you hooked into the whole trance sound?

Dimension: I think that as for a number of trance lovers, Gouryella or System F. Have made a few unforgettable and unrepeatable works.

i:Vibes: You come from Spain, born and raised. What is the trance music scene like over there as there are not really many huge Spanish producers when it comes to trance?

Dimension: Unfortunately, around here, trance doesn’t exist. It’s neither listened nor danced. Only in huge cities such as Madrid or Barcelona you could find somewhere places to enjoy, and there are some trance communities that make their own parties, but that’s it. The most people don’t even know who is Armin or Ferry Corsten!

i:Vibes: What is your own musical taste like, obviously trance is a huge influence but what other styles inspire you?

Dimension: I’m glad to be asked for that! I’m in love with trance, but I’m keen on listening to another styles to refresh my mind. I keep astonished when listening to BSO´s or spirit music like Enya, with their tremendous atmospheres, choirs and melodies, they’re really fantastic and inspiring. And I like soulful piano themes as well!

i:Vibes: Your first release only came as recently as 2008 with ‘Broken Dreams’. How hard was it getting that initial breakthrough to get a track out there?

Dimension: Broken Dreams is, from my point of view, one of my greatest productions, despite it doesn’t seem because of the sound quality, due to the fact that at that time I hadn’t the know-how I got right now. I was quite lucky to release it out, because the label’s owner were I signed on (Metallic Recordings from Chicago) was Galician like me. I contacted him through a radio programme broadcast in my city, and it was really useful.

Today, unfortunately I have to say that the label has closed, and I have in mind to rebuild the work and enhance the sound to release it out again.

i:Vibes: 2009 really saw you emerge as one of the promising producers for the future with firstly a track featured on Roger Shah’s ‘Magic island - Music For Balearic People – Volume 2’ with the superb collaboration ‘Hold Me Love Me’ done with Fast Distance. It must have been a great honour to have a guy like Roger Shah enjoying your music?

Dimension: Yes, the truth is something that I never thought it happen. When I started in the production I got some goals, and I said to myself, within a few years I will get big support from DJs like Armin, Ferry, Tiësto, Roger ... or sign in the biggest trance labels, and suddenly, after a little less than six months of edit my first track, I was signing two collaborations on Armada Music with Roger, it is amazing to me, is happening much earlier than I expected!

i:Vibes: ‘Hold Me Love Me’ is a very dreamy track that just suits the feeling that compilation series puts across. How did the collaboration come about with Fast Distance for that track?

Dimension: “Hold Me Love Me” was a surprise for me! We get a total support from PvD and Ferry!! I started to work in solitary almost simultaneously that “Above The Clouds” and I finished alone. But the sound quality was not enough from my point of view so, I decide to find a good remixer to give more prominence on the release, and I found Fast Distance, who propose me make a collaboration and send to Magic Island.

i:Vibes: ‘Above The Clouds’ is another exceptional collaboration you did with Fast Distance which flipped its sibling on the head and drove an energetic uplifting melodic right into the heart of things. How do you come up with such powerful melodies, where does the idea begin?

Dimension: When I began to make this track, I hadn’t anything on my mind. I don’t know what success, with the structures, sounds, melody...anything. But I love how the track was going. So, I decide continue to the end. I just got carried away by my feelings and emotions.

i:Vibes: You have produced a few great remixes for Fast Distance as well as collaborating with him. How highly do you rate him as a producer as he’s another new name to appear on the scene over the past year or so?

Dimension: I think he’s currently one of the well-known uplifting producers, the best Belgian no doubt. Being honest, I was were lucky to meet him, he’s a great guy and a superb music. I’ve learned a lot from him, and I owe him many others!

i:Vibes: How does you collaborations with Fast Distance come into creation as he’s from Belgium. Do you get the chance to spend time in the studio?

Dimension: We talk through emails, and mainly msn. I’m lucky again because he speaks Spanish as well, so we can understand each other really easy. For our collabs we try to share requirements regarding sequencer and plugin packages, so as to make easier working when we move into the studio.

i:Vibes: You have a few forthcoming new releases for Roger Shah’s label coming up over the next few months. With such emphatic support do you get chance to talk to Roger much and what feedback has he given you of your tracks?

Dimension: It’s beautiful I can work for his label and get his support. Balearic trance have a lot of fans thanks to him, and he is the main reference on the style. So, get his support it’s a hit, because people will be watching what tracks he play.

i:Vibes: Would Roger Shah be someone you would love to spend time in the studio with working on new music?

Dimension: Yes, of course. For my vocal track of Magic Island Vol.3, I was having a lot of problems to put voice into my song. Roger offer to me a collab for add extra elements and work better the voice, but finally I did a good work and I could finish my track for myself. Would be great can work with Shah because he is one of this artist whose fame is the result of his work. He has great quality.

i:Vibes: What other musicians would you like to collaborate with on a new record?

Dimension: I’m keen on having collabs because I learn many new things. I’d rather choose a collab with Temple One for example, for knowing his secrets when creating those powerful basslines!

i:Vibes: Moving into your solo recordings, how would you describe the Dimension sound for those yet to discover it?

Dimension: I’m a prolific artist who can’t be framed in a unique style. Today, all my original mixes sound different. I would like find my own sound, my own style but offer some different to people is some very difficult today. I thought that my remix for Fast Distance – Big Ben, which get full support from Paul Van Dyk, would be the beginning of the new style, but the new remixes with a similar style were not a hit. However, I hope with a new original track on “Big Ben Style” which will be released soon. By the way, it’s time to find the perfect sound, although I think I will never stop offering many different tracks because I love all trance styles!

i:Vibes: Your last single release was ‘Queensland’ on Emphase Recordings with a breathtaking melodic that delivers such an uplifting impact. Where did you inspiration for that track come from?

Dimension: I just got carried away. I wanted to do something similar to "Above The Clouds", so I introduced new sounds and just got carried away by what I felt.

i:Vibes: One of your forthcoming releases is featured on the third edition of Roger Shah’s Magic Island compilation with ‘Cies’ on your Long Island aliases. What do you do differently under Long Island than you would as Dimension?

Dimension: I like the idea of have an exclusive alias for Magic Island. This is the reason why I chose this new name. “Long Island” offer a balearic sound and it’s totally different to Dimension. I try to take care the percussion and create an ambient much more cheerful, sunny...more summery!

i:Vibes: Your very latest single just out is another collaboration, this time with Robbie Seed, for the super uplifting ‘Blue Line’ on Blue Soho Recordings. Already featured on Armin’s ‘A State of Trance’ and going huge support around the globe how did this track all come about?

Dimension: I’m very happy with this track, I did not expected this great support. The truth is that I did not like much the collaboration. Robbie offered to me to make a new song, he already had a good percussion and bassline that gave me many ideas to finish it. But when i begin to work, I did all melodies, pads, pianos...almost all and Robbie don’t show interest. For me, he is unprofessional because he don’t help me, nothing. However, I like the track, so, decided to go on until the final. But now, to get the Armin support, I think has been a good reward.

i:Vibes: Armin has also been a firm favourite of your records and played many on his show over the past year which must be a great honour as he is one of the biggest trance music names on the planet at the moment?

Dimension: Yes! It’s a honour. As i said, i always though that some day i would get this kind of things, but do it 3 o 4 months after my first release with “Heaven Rain” was an immense joy, and have five tracks in ASOT three of which was “Future Favourite”, shows that everything is happening much sooner than I thought. It's fantastic!

i:Vibes: What other artists at the moment are you really impressed with from the music they are putting out?

Dimension: No doubt, Arty amazes me. He’s a superb quality producer. All his works and remixes are worth listening, and are always supported by a number of first line DJ´s.

i:Vibes: What’s going to be the next single for Dimension as you do have quite a few on the forthcoming list?

Dimension: I have many works on queue! These days “Dimension Pres Oceano – Cabo Del Mar” has been released about a year after been signed on, including a chill out version. I have pending “Coral Reef”, a progressive theme with a main lead distorted, that Hill be released in a couple of months on Emphase Recordings. Besides, I’m willing to present another theme close in style to “Hold Me Love Me”, signed on Flashover Recordings, which has given me an excellent news, that it’s been included in the new compilation mixed by Ferry Corsten, “Once Upon A Night vol.2”.

I have also pending a few collabs with Fast Distance, among them two vocal ones, one signed on Balck Hole recordings, and the other coming soon in Infrasonic Recordings with a remix by Daniel Kandi. We’re standing by to release “Heaven Rain”, that at the beginning it was going to be released on Three Dribes, but looks like they’ve forsaken us...

Right now, I’m working in many open lines and really willing to make uplifting tracks, but I can only advance that a new progressive one, signed on Perceptive recordings, will be published on early forthcoming year.

i:Vibes: Not just a producer you are also a DJ to, what can we expect in a typical Dimension set?

Dimension: I’ve never performed on live so far, but it’s something I’d like to in the near future. In my sessions for radio programs and guest mixes, I always like to start with intros and slow themes, around 128 bpm, and then grow step by step till having a good uplifting at 140 bpm!

i:Vibes: What’s next for Dimension for the rest of the year and what goals have you got in mind to achieve for next year?

Dimension: As I said earlier, I’m dying to make uplifting, is the style that make me closer to trance, but right now, I’m starting a new work for Magic Island vol.4 what I’d like to make a new EP for, and the main theme will be a vocal one featured by Stine Groove.

As a challenging goal, I’m willing to sign on uplifting in enhance Recordings. I’ll get it sooner or later, LOL. I’m also willing to make something for another Armada sublabel, Vandit, ColdHarbour or ASOT, for example.

We like to round off here on the i:Vibes interrogation desk with what we like to call the ‘Quick Five’:

i:Vibes: PC or MAC?

Dimension: PC

i:Vibes: Name one of your most treasured albums?

Dimension: First State – Time Frame

i:Vibes: What’s you favourite style of food?

Dimension: Pizza

i:Vibes: Where are you right now?

Dimension: In my village sofa.

i:Vibes: What’s your favourite drink?

Dimension: Coke.

Many thanks for taking the time to speak to i:Vibes Borja, we wish you all the best for the rest of 2010 and look forward to your forthcoming releases!

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