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The new solo effort from one of the members of Way Out West comes in the form a melodic inspired release called Superstrings. One dosage of relaxing dance music coming up.

Although his second name may well remind you of Pipex adverts with the 'Hoff' in the name but Jody Wisternoff is making a very good name for himself as a solo artist. He is one part of a very successful dance act known to everybody as Way Out West who have released some gorgeous tracks in there time. Here is his latest solo effect with a remix from Helmut Kraft.

:: Vocal Version
:: Instrumental Version
:: Helmut Kraft 1983 Remix

From the start of this record you get the feeling it might have that little bit of something special to give your ear something to enjoy. The pace is nice and steady with a house paced beat starting off. The vibe with the beat is a little on the break beat side by the sound. The record is very simple early on with deep groove slipping into the background and soulful small melodies floating behind that. The Vocal version features the vocal talents of Dirty Princess. I dont really know what the vocals are telling but they work well with the tempo and mood of the record. The background sounds bubble up with the deep groove becoming more forward as the tracks beat cuts off and a string of soulful put together piano chimes fluttering away with a smidge of vocal ness welcoming the groove back into the record with the beat. The track is really a flow of relaxing strings with nice use of guitar strings on the build up. Out of the versions the Instrument version just cuts the vocal and leaves the music production there exactly the same.

The relaxing nature of the original is remixed into a different sound with Helmut Kraft's 1983 Remix. The same break beat style house beat is there but has a little bit more punch on the kicks and snares. The melodies are a little more on the electro sound and the deep groove is replaced with a different tone. The gorgeous strings are still in there but have a bright edge pitched to them with very atmospheric strings and punchy bright sounds flipping in. Its a nice flip on what is a cracking original record by Jody.

Its released on Dirty Soul with soul very much being a part of this release with it being an excellent track in my opinion. It's not dirty though but very clean cut and chilled without being slow and boring. Superstrings by name and superstrings by nature, one to really enjoy this one.

© Dirty Soul Records


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