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A little banter with Alex Miles - Bora Bora Resident

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Post Post subject: A little banter with Alex Miles - Bora Bora Resident Reply with quote

Alex Miles has worked pretty hard to get to where he is today. He first started mixing in 1999 but the real launch of his Djing Career came in 2004 when he stepped in for a cancellation at Pacha, London. Alex rose to the occasion and it all snowballed from there really!
Just one set at Bora Bora's beach bar lead to a daily residency. This was followed by various gigs around the world as well as residency with the World famous Smartie Partie Tour….Sharing the decks with the likes of Danny Rampling, Tall Paul, Joey Negro, Erick Morillo, Harry Choo Choo Romero, Who Da Funk, CJ Mackintosh to name but a few!
The future looks bright for Alex and with summer looming he will soon be packing his bags ready to head out to the White Isle for a third year residency at Bora Bora. I caught up with him to find out about a bit more about his thoughts on Ibiza before he plays one of his last London gigs on Friday for Deeper at Babalou.

So you are on your way out to Ibiza for your third year of playing at the legendary beach bar that is Bora Bora. Do you think the buzz will ever wear off?

I doubt it! And I certainly hope not. It’s one of the most unique places I have ever played and the atmosphere is unrivaled.

I’ve heard you stay in accommodation right near Bora Bora, where you are resident. No that you are fast becoming famous do you receive any luxury 5 star treatment!?

You must be joking! If you want luxury in Ibiza you better be prepared to pay (a lot) for it!

As Bora Bora draws such a diverse crowd from all over the world would you say that they are musically more difficult to please?

No I actually think that makes it better, music isn’t pidgeon holed half as much around the rest of the world as it is over here, the europeans and americans especially are far more open minded so you can run through a whole load of styles and they appreciate it all.

In Ibiza there’s a lot of choice when deciding which clubs to go to and who to go see, besides from Bora Bora where would you recommend people head out to, whilst there?

I will always say Space, it really is the best club in the world in my opinion but all the other clubs are worth seeing and the choice of beaches and cafes/restaurants are countless. See and do as much as is humanly possible I say.

What do you usually enjoy most about your time out there?

The fact that you can do as much or as little as you want. There are parties on day and night 7 days a week so you can pick and choose each week if you are there all season. If it gets too much there are so many beautiful places to go and relax and I fully intent to find more this year!

Everyone’s got a funny or embarrassing story about their time on the white Isle – What’s yours?

Must be in my first week there, most of you know I’m quite a lightweight in the drinking department, but I wasn’t prepared for a large glass of absynth from the bar manager - long story short I ended up on the floor of the booth with the music running out and the manager frantically trying to feed me lemon tea while apologising profusely Smile

As far as production goes do you get much time for it over the summer or does that all have to be put on hold for a few months?

Last year it was on hold but this year we have actually done some forward planning and are lucky enough to have a choice of studios to use this year, along with some of our own equipment.

It’s been quite a fast rise to fame for you. What do you think you’d be up to if you never got into the scene?

I have been very lucky it’s true but I have worked my heart and soul out to get to where I am - its taken many years so whatever else I would be doing, I would have struggled to it over a number of years no doubt!

And where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Hopefully being recognised for doing something! With a bit of luck still doing this amazing job...

Any big plans for the rest of the year?

So many! I have 2 collaborations in production, (Vivid Fix and Paam) The first Vivid Fix track has just been signed to John Acquavivas Definitive Records and the Paam stuff is doing really well with the likes of Who da Funk and Harry Choo Choo helping out. Otherwise its just to keep improving and learning as a DJ and gaining recognition. I also have some dates at Space this year which is a dream come true!

Quickfire Questions:

Your hot tip for Ibzia?
El Cigarillo restaurant in Ibiza town - amazing!

Your main goal whist staying there this year?
Staying healthy!

Your top 3 tune picks for the summer?
Patric La Funk - “Gonna Love It”, PCB - “OK Radio” and the Chus and Ceballos mix of Danny Tenaglia’s “D’Ibiza”

Your favourite current DJ, and DJ of all time?
Way too many to list but I’m going to name 3 current ones who are consistently amazing everytime I watch them - Matty Wells, Mark graham and Rob Clarke. Find them if you can!
All time wise I have been inspired all across the board but probably Danny Tenaglia has been the most prominent.

And finally, what can we except from you at Deeper on Friday?
All kinds of house music but all of it rocking!

Thanks a lot Alex. Look forward to meeting you at Deeper.
Thanks guys, see you there!

If you want to hear more of Alex Check out:
Bora Bora Ibiza 2007 CD and DVD mixed by Oliver Lang, Alex Miles and Will Johnston

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Post Post subject: Reply with quote

You missed out a question.....

Does he need dave to keep his records in good order while in the duty of mixing?

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