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Fiberlineaudio Featured Artists: Jav D & Bryan Davis

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Post Post subject: Fiberlineaudio Featured Artists: Jav D & Bryan Davis Reply with quote

Fiberlineaudio Recording Label Featured Artist:

Jav D & Bryan Davis - Making Waves

The Fiberlineaudio debut from Jav D and Bryan Davis is a stunning masterpiece. A high-octane *beep* of progressive vibes, electro overtones, and pulsing rock undercurrents. Over eight minutes of pure aural bliss. Pure Quality!

Jav D - A&E

Jav D makes his Fiberlineaudio debut with a fresh vibe and progressive sound. A&E keeps things simple, clean, warm and direct to the point. Look for more cutting edge sounds to surface soon from Jav-D and Bryan Davis.

You Can Purchase These Fine Releases At:

Coming soon to:

Artist Bios:


In life, there are only two types of people, those who lead and those who follow. As a DJ/Producer, UK import Jav D has proven himself a leader. Over the past decade, he has blazed a trail that bridges borders, cultivating a progressive sound that always stays one step ahead of current trends (or "the curve") and consistently hits home on both sides of the Atlantic. The creator of 'smu[th] Music, he has reenergized the
progressive house genre with DJ sets and original tracks that have commanded the attention and praise of his peers and ignited the dance floors in the States and in Europe. The "bang bang" heard around the world, Jav D's explosive broadcasts on DI.FM and XM Satellite radio have had global impact. Here's just a sampling of the buzz expressed by other respected talent in the industry:

"Jav D is one of the USA's best kept secret, he is quietly making waves and will be a big part of the future of the US scene." - MARKUS SCHULZ"

Jav D is one of those few talents that will come out of the woodwork in 2006 and inspire the masses" - DEPARTURE

"Great warm up for me in Washington last year, nice tune selection...plays prog house & trance. really knows how to work the crowd " - LANGE

"Jav D has well structured sets with only the best prog house & trance. Always packs in the crowd for each show. Great feeling for connecting to the listeners" - DI.FM

"Smuth is essential for anyone serious about their club music. A blinding show with Jav D from DC!!" - MATT DAREY

When fronting the decks, Jav D has the respect of his peers and the trust of venues large and small to make magic happen. In 2005, he headlined two gigs in Amsterdam, Holland, with Ozgar Can and Above & Beyond. In downtown Miami for the Winter Music Conference, he shared equal billing with D:FUSE, Scott Henry, DJ Rap, Oscar G and Ralph Falcon atop the iconic Bank of America building. In Washington DC, he capped a series of out of town gigs with Gabriel & Dresden and Markus Schulz at GLOW. He
continues to travel when the right opportunity presents itself but also finds time between his radio shows to DJ and produce events of his own making. This year, Jav D's mix radio programs, 'smu[th] on XM and 'de-li-kat on DI.FM celebrate their first anniversary with Markus Schulz, Gabriel & Dresden, Matt Darey, Lange, Darren Tate have regular appearances on the show with exclusive mixes. and also others djs such as Steve Gerad, The Thrillseekers, Mike Koglin, GTR, Nu NRG, Andy Moor, Ozgar Can, Fergie, Menno De jong and many more have shown their continous support through out the year. A new collaboration was also born at the start of 2006 between Jav D and musician Bryan Davis, resulting in a series of new groundbreaking tracks. The first of which, "The Drug is the Music" was quickly signed to Coldharbour Recordings, a subsidiary label of Armin Van Buuren's Armada imprint. The pair have since been recognized for their innovative take on progressive house by the EDM community, opening the door for further release and remix opportunities. This has only solidified Jav D's status as an up and coming producer among the progressive set.


Bryan Davis is known quantity in his native Washington. After playing out with a myriad of bands locally and producing a cable TV show (Club DC) and glossy magazine expounding on DC's club culture (DC ONE), he has been "in the scene" more years than he dare admit.

From a teenage Punk Rocker, Davis explored his creativity on all fronts. He began learning the guitar (electric of course) while becoming a consistent contributing writer and illustrator to Flipside magazine in L.A., as well as producing his own "fanzine," Demise of Power. Issue after issue, Davis interviewed punk rock icons like David Grohl of Nirvana/ Foo Fighter fame (when he was only a lad), Agnostic Front, Bosstones, The Misfits, Killing Time, Dave Smalley and many more. This lead to articles in other alternative music magazines in New York, New Jersey and Colorado. Parlaying his success as a contributing writer with over two years in the 'biz,' Davis used his connections to form bands with some of the best local talent he could find. By this time, he had mastered the 4- chord progression and was ready to rock!

And rock he did. Year after year, it was another band and another genre of music, from Hardcore Punk to New Wave to Speed-Metal to Alternative Rock. As his playing skills improved, so did the quality of his song writing. And the influences kept coming.

Born to a British father and Belgian mother, Davis traveled extensively overseas with his parents. While in London he regularly visited HMV, the Virgin megastore, and any other record shop in view, pouring over all the new music coming out of Europe. Punk, Metal, Techno, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Electro, Reggae—it didn't matter. Taken by a veracious appetite for anything new and unique, Davis spent every pound note he had to expand his collection, and repeated this "go for broke" scenario in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, and Italy. This quest for all things new was inevitably reflected in the music he was writing back home and in his approach to music as a whole.

Taking a cue from the Punk DIY (Do It Yourself) philosophy, Davis viewed everything as an opportunity to create. From writing, recording and engineering a song to singing, playing bass, guitar and keyboards to designing and producing the final product on CD, there was nothing off limits (except maybe the drums). By this stage in the game, Davis had left hard rock to the kids and looked for a more professional outfit to reach his creative ambitions. In 1993, he formed Faux Savant with singer
Darren Sloper. Faux Savant was like an early incarnation of The Killers, blending melodic vocal melodies with edgy guitar and keyboards. The band was popular live, opened for Cheap Trick and Velocity Girl, got on local and college radio with the single "Why Can't I Get It Right," and traveled to L.A. in search of a recording contract. But it was not to be. After two thrilling years of playing out with all original material, the members of Faux parted ways. In retrospect, the band was ahead of its time in the dreary days of Grunge. But the void of not having a band, or the prospect of a new band, quickly gave way to other interests. It was the dawn of the superstar DJ.

As the '90s wore on, Davis was restless. He vehemently hated mainstream music more than ever and was looking to be inspired. So he turned to the one place he could count on for new music, England. Not really digging Oasis and their ilk (although Pulp and Blur became fast favorites), Davis perused the growing category of "Electronica." Here he discovered mixed CDs by Paul Oakenfold and some guy named... Digweed?

There was a new movement in England... Trance. Now onto something big, Davis began in earnest to get in on this DJ thing. Since the thought of becoming a Dj and playing other people's music didn't appeal to him, Davis took another approach. He started a cable program called CLUB DC, which documented the emergence of new nightclubs and DJs in Washington. In the process, he met a nightclub promoter named Masoud A., who wanted to start a magazine about restaurants and nightlife in DC. From this point forward, Davis gave up working a regular job and dove head-first into Clubland.

DC ONE magazine was the first of it's kind in Washington, a new breed of press for the young, ever-mobile elite. In addition to further propagating DJ/club/lounge culture, the magazine also encompassed fashion, design, dining, movies, gadgets, etc. (kind of a FHM meets BPM). It was an instant hit upon its first issue and soon became equally popular for its monthly release parties and special events; headlined by Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Jonathan Peters, and Wish FM and Dmitri from the movie Groove. As Editor-in-Chief, Davis also wrote feature articles and conducted interviews with Paul Van Dyk, Moby, Dave Seaman, The Cranberries, Solar Twins, The Boxed Boys (Global Underground), Boy George, Tenaglia and many other recognizable names. After four years of sustained growth, the magazine peaked and eventually became a casualty of the Bush recession and a prolonged slump in local print advertising. But in the process, another bond was formed.

After DC ONE ran its course, Davis decided he really enjoyed hosting events. So much so that he decided to start his own event company, Davis & Vegas. A 50/50 partnership was struck between him and local party aficionado, Stephen Bartell (a.k.a Vegas).

Bartell had partied all over the world (Ibiza, Miami, New York, Europe, etc) and was a veteran of Burning Man. He had also earned his nickname by extensively exploring the nightlife offerings of Las Vegas annually. The two had met at a DC ONE release party and mutually decided they would make a good team (at Davis' urging).

"Elevating" local DJ talent as well as concept parties in DC, New York and Miami, Davis & Vegas continue to entertain and amuse the jaded masses. Creating memorable events with impeccable music and sexy themes, the demand for their services has never wavered. A budding DJ who had worked with Davis at DC ONE and partnered with D&V for their very first event would also have a lasting impact. He went by Jav D.

Sharing a work history and British connection, Jav D had been aware of Davis' former glory as a would-be Rockstar for quite sometime. But it was only until he began producing his own tracks that the idea arose of a possible collaboration. At first, it began with a simple invitation to lay down a guitar part on a track Jav had written and felt was complete. Nothing more. But as things inevitably progressed, Jav became increasingly receptive to the two working together on tracks—seeing that Davis could have a bigger part to play in the final outcome. Ideas fed more ideas, and soon Davis was switching between electric bass, guitar, keys and vocals. Songs were restructured or abandoned in favor of new ideas based on Davis' input and the collaborative process. Things were beginning to click.

Working towards the same goal and having similar tastes in music, the partnership seemed to gel without effort. The two A.D.D-stricken visionaries were soon on a creative path to destinations unknown, interrupting each other along the way. Mixing rock, electro, progressive and classic house into a powerful *beep*, the duo hope to inject new life into dance floors worldwide.


Re-inventing the Record Label For The Digital Age!
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