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Post Post subject: MATT KAYCEE Vs BEN GOLD Vs DAVE IRVINE Reply with quote

On Saturday 3rd December Matt Kaycee, Ben Gold and Dave Irvine all go head to head in an exclusive Vs set that will settle old scores between these up and coming and fiercely competitive trio! We caught up with the three to see what they had to say about each other! No holes barred….

So for those who don’t know you who the hell are YOU!? When did you start DJing and what have you been up to?

Matt: A/S/L lol ok here we go! 21/Male/UK… just finished 3 years of University, born in Guildford, just outside of London. In that time I've developed my style a lot and I’m really happy with where I’m at now. I’ve been lucky enough to have some great opportunities, each experience has taught me so much, I'm constantly learning and I love it! After I came back from Ibiza last year I knew I had to keep on plugging away with the music as it will be a big part of my life.

Ben: I started playing out when I was 17, after 2 years of a music technology course; I used the guise bjammin to produce various projects. I had some great success with Jules on 3 of them, got on a few ministry comps, then my music style changed to a lot more teccy, dirty stuff so changed my stage name to Ben Gold. Been locked in the studio for last 6 months so got some great stuff coming in 2006.

Dave: My name is David Alistair Irvine, im 21 years young and I'm from London. I’m a special case in this world; I have been put on this planet to cause major problems. I like music, football, girls, drink and other bad things! I have been DJing 5 years and have a history of violence.

Now, you’ve all played Peach @ Camden Palace undoubtedly one of the biggest trance clubs in the world, what was it like playing in front of 2000 people!

Matt: It’s got to be one of the best experiences of my life getting to play at Camden Palace
just before Peach closed its doors, its such an amazing venue and the best crowd you will
ever play to. You get everyone in there, all ages, all backgrounds all kinds, and it was a club
full of culture. I really miss the good old days.

Ben: Floorless, but scary. Anyone who says it isn’t scary is lying. I was so nervous but apart from that, it was one of the best experiences I think I will ever face! When I stop getting nervous, I will give up!

Dave: Probably the most amazing experience of my DJing career, to play in a club that big was something special, and the fact id been going clubbing at peach from my early ‘raving’ days just topped it off and with all you mates around you. Finishing off on chicane-autumn tactics last tune and you mates lifting you onto their shoulders….sends a shiver down my spine every time I think about it! Peach where are ya!

Its been 3 years since your mainroom Peach debut – you’ve probably all gained a few pounds and shed your bum fluff.. what about your music how has that changed?

Matt: I’m playing a mixture of fast paced tough house with driving progressive tech-trance you really have to hear what I play... I’m learning Ableton 5, it’s a great tool for production and on the fly re edits I hope to be using it in my sets very soon.

Ben: I have been changing my music style for the last 3 to 4 years, hitting on the much harder stuff, then the fluffy trance sound, but I think I had to go through all that to get where I am now. But I have recently started playing the dirty bass line house stuff, Ingrosso, Angelo etc, its all great music that I can fit into an hour and a half set!

Dave: Yes… an awful lot, when I was playing at peach I was a trance dj but always had a slight techno element to my sets, I found I was getting bored of a lot of the trance that was about and decided to jump off the raft and into the techno ship. I know a lot of people didn’t like that but I feel that’s is definitely furthered me and with the gigs starting to come in now I feel the change is justified, I still follow trance and love to hear what people are playing but im glad I made the change. Im sure the admiral looks fondly now! I’m also playing house now and I go under the name of ‘Problem Child’ I’ve got some good sets lined up for 2006 so watch out!

Despite the bickering, the squabbling and general name calling you’re all actually quite good mates. In a strange twist of fate – how did this happen!?

Matt: I first met Ben on the dance floor at Peach, we got chatting and I’ve been best mates
with him ever since. Dave I think I met him lurking in the corridor in Camden he was looking
for his contact lens…

Ben: Unfortunately I’ve known these two muppets from the peach days, so 3 years I guess!

Dave: I have known Ben since I first started going to peach so about 4 years if my memory
serves my right! Matt came along a bit later and I met him through Ben. We have had some proper cracks on, especially Ben, there are many stories to be told but they can be saved for a time less public. Matt’s the liability of the three and I like causing the problems!

Hmmm so I guess we can say you’re all mates but there must have been some rivalry between you?

Matt: Yeah I’m really looking forward to our set it’s certainly the first time I’ve ever played with two other DJ’s. Bens very in ya face, and Dave’s very stompin where as I play music that has ‘rhythm & attitude.

Ben: Coming from a musical background, I always found it harder to fit in and get some recognition but I just had to prove myself a bit more. Nearly there…I think...

Dave: I think there is a small rivalry, but it’s a friendly rivalry. We all love our music passionately and strive to be the best, but we give each other support when it’s needed and it’s great when you see each others names on line-ups. When we get together there is always some banter but its all good humour (well most of the time). Obviously with Matt being the admiral of the armada we have to give him some respect though.

Ok so the launch of YES! is just round the corner. So why have you all been booked in a Vs set?!

ALL: Yeah we thought the same thing! I think JC, Ali, Matt and Lee thought it would be a
good way to settle an old score lol!

Dave: Bring it on!

Ben: hahaha your be regretting that Mr Irvine!

Matt: So will you Goldy…

So apart from the DJ’ing what’s going on with production side of thing?

Matt: I had never really spent much time trying to produce I didn’t think I had it in me, but my
old days of playing a trumpet meant I could still read music, so I found it very easy to grasp
cords and layer tracks. I have tried to get into the studio with as many people as possible to
better my understanding, ive loved every minute of it. Producing a track then playing it out is
certainly the most satisfying thing as a musician/DJ. The last track I did with Ben, wasn’t in
the style we had set out to do but we managed to get Radio 1 playlisted and on M8 mag CD.
You can never tell…

Ben: Loads. It’s coming out my ears. Doing a few housey bits, mainly bootlegs. Had some great support from my mix of Josh Wink – Higher State that I did over the summer but I’m focussing on getting a back catalogue of productions finished, ready to hit 2006 hard!

Dave: Production really hasn’t been my focal point so far, in 2004 I did a tune with Ben J called ‘Second Envy’ which got aired by Scott Bond and got good feedback from Ian Betts and Guy Ornadel amongst others, that was in my trance days. But atm I have a few techno and house projects just starting with a couple of people so watch this space, the house side of things being my ‘Problem child’ project for DJing and producing house! Watch out for the CD this weekend!

And who for you on the scene is really doing it for you at the moment?

Matt: I’m really feeling the stuff Allure / Tilt / Leama & Moore and Alucard are pushing out at
the moment, and I really like the work Niklas Harding is doing, he’s defiantly my one to watch.
I’ve missed my euphoric stuff recently but Super 8’s new tune ‘Helsinki Scorching’ is amazing!!

Ben: Fred Baker all the way. Ingrosso and Angelo for the bassline house stuff!

Dave: DJ wise there is a lot of new talent about, its good to see the likes of Gordon Darley in the techno side of things as I have know him a few years, K.A.R.L is one to watch as well as Matt Lock and Garyoptim from the trance stable. Steelo has always been a firm fav even if he is a *beep*! Production wise, Ben gold and also if he stops being so f**kin lazy Ben J could make a name for himself!

So you young whipper snappers apart from Peach which super clubs have you got in your target for 2006!

Matt: Well we’ll have to see.. I’ve taken a break from the DJing of late but I’m back on track now and ready for world domination haha. I recently played with Matt Hardwick at event called Perfected in Portsmouth and well of course YES! This month I have a Ministry of Sound Radio guest slot on Graham Gold’s show as well as an mix which I am really looking forward to! Next year I’m really going to be pushing my self, I would love to play at Slinky & Godskitchen but my fav club has to be Amnesia in Ibiza!!

Ben: I have just been booked at Slinky and Gallery for early next year, so next stop…Gods kitchen…hopefully!!

Dave: Id love to play Space (terrace and inside) or id love o play at ‘I Love Techno’ in Berlin that would be an uplifting experience!

There’s quite an extensive line-up at YES! who will you be interested in seeing on the night?

Matt: Well with all the controversy of Kate I have to hear her set, I’m really looking forward to
seeing what ELECTRILOGY have to say and Askew will be spot on as ever.

Ben: Same as Matt I’m really interested in seeing Ali, Matt and Lee perform as ELECTRILOGY. I love Askew’s sound too so will be sticking around for him. In fact I think I’ll be there all night propping up the bar with these two misfits…

Dave: I have heard good things from 2PhunkeduP, and definitely Ian Betts. Gonna check out the ELECTRILOGY lot as some of their stuff is blinding! I’ll be checking out Kate Lawler and Rebekah but probably not for the music! Get their fix!

After your set are you all going to be friends, or will there be a bar room brawl?

Matt: Dave with that beard aint scaring anyone!

Ben: Depends…I hear Dave loves a fight! StellaARRRGH

Dave: I’m sure it will be all peace and harmony and ready for one hell of a crack on! If not ill just have to sort them all out!

Matt: Yeah right 
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